latitude 34.288951, – longitude 118.719362

Today I awoke with a great beating in my heart.  “Hello”, said I to heart.  No answer was returned except that marvelous beating, springing with great consistency.  I pondered, not for very long, at what occurrence of this day would make my heart act so, and remembered that this was the day I had been waiting for.  For the last six months, and a fortnight, all extra time had been spent on the preparation for a thru hike of the great and marvelous Pacific Crest Trail.  And today was no exception to the theme that had been my nature as last described.  Today the application necessary to receive the permit, giving allowance to hike the trail was made available!  Such excitement and simultaneous angst have not visited me since I was a schoolboy playing hide-and-seek, unable to leave my perfect hiding spot until the game was over, no matter how bad by bladder overflowth.  As the clock counted down to seconds till the application would be made available my lovely wife, Jade, and I sat transfixed, awaiting our fate with the diligence of a Calvinist.  At the moment of zero our fingers worked speedily and our minds and eyes hurriedly kept up.  It was immediately apparent from moment one, which follows zero, that we were not as novel in our intentions as we thought, and that a great many people were at that very moment attempting the same thing.  We contemplated the incredible thing of being in such a mass of directed and homogeneous desire for the moment that followed 1 and then quickly tried to beat all those son’s of b******!  Much to our chagrin our attempts were futile and we found ourselves each time starting back at the beginning of the the line.  It was much like we were all pieces of sand trapped in a bottle and the only means of escape was a small mouth at the end opposite us, and the only mode of transportation was a quick and rapid turning of the bottle on end.  We were not so fortunate to obtain our freedom.  We will try again tomorrow!