This was Jade’s idea really.  That might surprise a lot of people that know us.  I’m usually the one that sees a rock and says “let’s climb it”, or sees a river and says “let’s get naked and jump in it”, or sees a snake and says “let’s catch it”, or sees poop and says “let’s smell it and make sure it’s poop”.  I will be the first to say some of these things are not intelligent, but in my defense Iv’e never seen poop like that before!  This was Jade’s idea though: to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from start to finish straight through.  Have I ever wanted to hike the PCT?  Yes, but I equated it with my desire to go into outer space (look me up on Kickstarted under send Quintin to outer space).  So when Jade voiced her desire to hike the PCT I said, “sure”, knowing how Jade has many fancies and many bucket lists.

Here we are though, this is really happening.  This blog is directed at sharing our experiences with everyone who is interested.  I can’t promise we will finish, I can’t promise excitement, or even good writing.  I can promise a lot of arguing, a lot of pictures, a lot of self reflecting (and probably self indulgent) writing, and a lot of novel techniques for thru-hiking (including foraging, trail Charcuterie, hyper light hiking ((my terminology for this might be incorrect, there is quite a debate as to the contrast of ultralight and hyper light, I went with the one that sounds cooler… I think (((triple))), bivouacking, no bear protection, and some other illegal stuff!), and just plain good old fun!

***Correction, the legal department tells me I can’t promise fun***

So, did my pitch work?  Are you following the blog?  It’s going to be the best (WARNING: This will not be the best)!  Just go ahead and hit that follow button because you know you want to!