These Wild Bones

An Adventure Tale by Jade and Q

Guide Post

Jade and I love the outdoors, which is one of the big reasons we moved to California.  The other big reason was, have you been to California?  We try to wrap our lives around being outdoors as much as possible, gardening, weekend camping trips, fitting our jobs into being outdoors.  But you don’t care about any of that, or at least I wouldn’t care about any of that.  What we are “about” is experience.  Ever moved across the country with all your possessions in a trailer, sleeping in the back of your truck with your two cats and two dogs in the middle of December?  How about bivouacked at 9,000 feet in the High Sierras in the Fall because you needed to bring your cute shorts and bikini top which meant no room for a tent?  Or jumped into the roaring rapids of the Killer Kern river from a rope swing and bounced down the river to the shallows?  We sometimes do stupid things, it is almost never on purpose.  I am a slow, take it easy driver, she is a why-would-you-wait-behind-a-car-when-you-don’t-need-to driver.  We have different ideas about how to live and do things but we also have some shared crazy ideas, like: living in a RV is fun!  So come join us on our trip and maybe next time we meet it will be on top of the High Sierras bivouacking.